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Anderson, Helen (2013) The return to hill forts in the Dark Ages: what can this tell us about post-Roman Britain? Masters thesis, University of Wales, Trinity St David.


Brealey, Frances (2014) Perceptions of divinity : the changing characters of Roman Venus. Masters thesis, University of Wales, Trinity St David.


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Engels, David and Erickson, Kyle (2016) Apama and Stratonike: Marriage and Legitimacy. In: Seleukid Royal Women: Creation, Representation and Distortion of Hellenistic Queenship in the Seleukid Empire. Franz Steiner Verlag. ISBN 978-3-515-11295-6

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Hufford, Alexander Ransome (2022) Seneca and the Authorship of the Apocolocyntosis. Masters thesis, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.


Lester, Kevin (2013) The entry of Orpheus into archaic Greek society. Masters thesis, University of Wales, Trinity St David.


Norton, Tom (2013) A question of identity : who were the Galatians? Masters thesis, University of Wales, Trinity St David.


Parkes, Angela (2012) A commentary on selected sections of the Octavius of Minucius Felix. Masters thesis, University of Wales, Trinity St David.


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Stafford, Emmet (2018) Authenticity in the Ancient East – Who Cares? A qualitative stakeholder investigation of commodification and authenticity in the portrayal and consumption of heritage in ‘Ireland’s Ancient East’. Masters thesis, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.


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Zinn, Katharina (2016) Women in Amarna: legendary royals, forgotten elite, unknown populace? In: Women in Antiquity: Real Women Across the Ancient World. Routledge, pp. 255-270. ISBN 9781138808362

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