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Ahmadu, Aminu (2021) Exploring how incremental innovation can be used to enhance growth in the Nigerian online grocery business. Doctoral thesis, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Albandari, Mohamed Sulaiman Abdullah (2021) A Study of the Impact of Leadership Development Programme on Transformational Leadership, Innovation Culture and Organisational Performance at an Oil and Gas Company in Oman. Doctoral thesis, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Allen, Marilyn (2021) Socio-Digital Nonsense. ÎN SPATELE BLOCULUI, 2.

Allen, Marilyn (2021) Sonnet 100. Textshop Experiments. ISBN 9781736465813

Allen, Marilyn (2021) Tempestas Digital. Drain, 17 (1). ISSN 2469-3022

Ashaye, Olusoyi Richard and Alharahsheh, Husam Helmi (2021) Smart City Development and Implications. In: Handbook of Research on Driving Transformational Change in the Digital Built Environment. IGI Global, pp. 467-473.

Barnes, Janine and Greenway, Charlotte and Morgan, Catherine (2021) How has Covid-19 affected how teacher educators engage their students in learning? Project Report. British Educational Research Association.

Barnett-Quaicoo, Patricia (2021) Minimising Bank Failures in Ghana Through Effective Regulatory Compliance Monitoring. Doctoral thesis, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Beckstein, Amoneeta and Rathakrishnan, Balan and Hutchings, Paul B. and Mohamed, Noor Hassline (2021) The COVID-19 pandemic and mental health in Malaysia: Current treatment and future recommendations. Malaysian Journal of Public Health Medicine, 21 (1). ISSN 2590-3829

Blagrove, Mark and Lockheart, Julia and Carr, Michelle and Basra, S. and Graham, H. and Lewis, H. and Murphy, E. and Sakalauskaite, A. and Trotman, C. and Valli, Katja (2021) Dream sharing and the enhancement of empathy: Theoretical and applied implications. Dreaming, 31 (2). pp. 128-139. ISSN 1573-3351

Bosson, Jennifer and Jurek, Pawel and Vandello, Joseph and Kosakowska-Berezecka, Natasza and Olech, Michal and Besta, Tomasz and Bender, Michael and Hoorens, Vera and Becker, Maja and Sevincer, A. Timur and Best, Deborah L. and Hutchings, Paul B. and Sullivan, Katie E. and Zukauskiene, Rita (2021) Psychometric Properties and Correlates of Precarious Manhood Beliefs in 62 Nations. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology. ISSN 1552-5422

Brown, Adrian and Flint, Stuart W. and Kalea, Anastasia Z. and O'Kane, Mary and Williams, Simon and Batterham, Rachel L. (2021) Negative impact of the first COVID-19 lockdown upon health-related behaviours and psychological wellbeing in people living with severe and complex obesity in the UK. EClinicalMedicine, 34. ISSN 2589-5370

Cobb, Matthew (2021) Conceptualising the Far West: Early Chinese Notions of Da Qin and the Indian Ocean Trade. In: The Archaeology of Knowledge Traditions of the Indian Ocean World. Routledge, London, pp. 56-78. ISBN 9780367337810

Cobb, Matthew (2021) Mediterranean goods in an Indian context: the use of transcultural theory for the study of the ancient Indian Ocean world. In: Globalization and Transculturality from Antiquity to the Pre-Modern World. Routledge, London, pp. 165-182. ISBN 9780367560553

Curry, Patrick (2021) The Experience of Enchantment and the Sense of Wonder. Green Letters, 25 (2). pp. 115-129. ISSN 2168-1414

Davidson, Jane (2021) Factoring Future Generations Into Universities' Strategic Intent: Could a Law Help? Frontiers in Sustainability. ISSN 2673-4524

Davies, Christine (2021) Online seminars in statistics for doctoral students: A case study. Journal of University Teaching & Learning Practice, 18 (2).

Davies, Richard (2021) Crisis, Challenge, and Consolidation: A Study of the Anglican Church in a Rural Welsh Parish 1700-1900. Masters thesis, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Denev, Kehinde Itohan (2021) Gender and Barriers to Women’s Management Career Development in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry. Doctoral thesis, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Dossett, Wendy and Burns, Andrew and Schmidt, Bettina E. (2021) Peggy the Tutor, Mentor, Colleague and Friend. Journal for the Study of Religious Experience, 7 (3). pp. 4-9. ISSN 2057-2301

Ejejigbe, Mackson Sheyi (2021) Exploratory study of interventions and challenges faced by indigenous NGOs supporting start-up businesses (established by young entrepreneurs) in Nigeria's Niger-Delta region. Doctoral thesis, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Ereira, Alan and Attala, Luci (2021) Zhigoneshi: A Culture of Connection. Ecocene:Cappadocia Journal of Environmental Humanities, 2 (1). pp. 7-22.

Erickson, Kyle (2021) Finance and Coinage. In: The Cambridge Companion to Alexander the Great. Cambridge University Press, Lampeter. ISBN 9781108888349 (Submitted)

Evans, Andrew D (2021) Radical Quakerism: a political anthropology of postmodern religion. Doctoral thesis, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Evans, Gareth (2021) Back to the future? Reflections on three phases of education policy reform in Wales and their implications for teachers. Journal of Educational Change, 23 (3). pp. 371-396. ISSN 1573-1812

Fan, Cong and Kaliyamurthy, Nitheesh Murugan and Chen, Shi and Jiang, He and Zhou, Yiwen and Campbell, Carlene (2021) Detection of DDoS Attacks in Software Defined Networking Using Entropy. Applied Sciences, 12 (1). e370. ISSN 2076-3417

Freitas, Marta Helena de and Schmidt, Bettina E. (2021) Da vida marinha ao sentimento oceânico: Alister Hardy e o estudo da experiência religiosa / From marine life to ocean feeling: Alister Hardy and the study of religious experience. Memorandum: memória e história em psicologia, 38. ISSN 1676-1669

Graham, Catherine Anne (2021) Plaster, as a vital material: The agency of plaster in the curation of the Çatalhöyük skull. Masters thesis, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Greenway, Charlotte and Rees Edwards, Alison (2021) Agweddau Athrawon tuag at ADCG: Adolygiad ac Argymhellion ar gyfer y Dyfodol. Gwerddon, 32. pp. 7-25. ISSN 1741-4261

Greenway, Charlotte and Rees Edwards, Alison (2021) Teaching assistants’ facilitators and barriers to effective practice working with children with ADHD: A qualitative study. British Journal of Special Education. ISSN 1467-8578 (In Press)

Gregory, David G (2021) Does implicit bias threaten the semicompatibilist position on free will and responsibility? Doctoral thesis, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Grisbrooke-Campbell, Gulliver (2021) ÆlfricBata’s Colloquia: Reassessing an Eleventh-Century Latin Textbook. Masters thesis, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

He, Wang and Zheng, Hu (2021) Literature Review on Block Chain: Technology, Principle and Development. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 1848 (1). ISSN 1742-6596

Healey-Benson, Felicity (2021) Authentic Vlogs. In: Designing Courses with Digital Technologies Insights and Examples from Higher Education. Routledge, pp. 118-122. ISBN 9780367700003

Healey-Benson, Felicity (2021) EntreCompEdu Café - Vlogging as summative assessment with Felicity Healey-Benson. [Video]

Herbert, Peter (2021) Short-Term and Lifelong Exercise Training Lowers Inflammatory Mediators in Older Men. Frontiers in Physiology. ISSN 1664-042X

Hughes, Kathryn Lawson (2021) Bio-rhythms / Digi-rhythms: Synthesising the Digitally Mediated Body Through Performative Methodologies. Doctoral thesis, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Hughes, O. and Hutchings, Paul B. and Phelps, Ceri (2021) Stigma, social appearance anxiety and coping in men and women living with skin conditions: A mixed methods analysis. Skin Health and Disease. e73. ISSN 2690-442X

Humphrey, Samantha (2021) An exploration of what experienced business coaches take to supervision. Doctoral thesis, University of Wales Trinity St David.

Humphreys, Rebekah and Attfield, Robin (2021) On the Innovativeness of Textbook Teaching for Excellence in Student Scholarship and Reducing Workload Demands. Journal of Educational Studies and Multidisciplinary Approaches (JESMA), 1 (1). pp. 71-77. ISSN 2757-8747

Hung, Steve K. (2021) The influence of extrinsic cues on wine purchase in Hong Kong. Doctoral thesis, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Hunter, Jack (2021) “ … Not the action of mind upon matter, but the action of mind-matter upon matter-mind … ”: a world of many minds in archaeology and ethnography. Time and Mind, 14 (4). pp. 481-485. ISSN 1751-6978

Hutchings, Paul B. and Sullivan, Katie E. (2021) "Students are people too" : intersecting challenges in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. In: The COVID-19 pandemic : a multidisciplinary approach to managing mental health challenges. UMS Press, Sabah, Malaysia. ISBN 9789672962519

Hιzιroḡlu, Zeynep Hikmet (2021) An empirical study on robotic process automation implementation: A case study on MetLife Investment Management Client Services Group. Doctoral thesis, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Ibidunni, Ayodotun Stephen and Ufua, Daniel E. and Opute, Abdullah Promise (2021) Linking disruptive innovation to sustainable entrepreneurship within the context of small and medium firms: A focus on Nigeria. African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovation and Development, 14 (6). pp. 1591-1607. ISSN 2042-1346

Ikafa, Irene and Hack-Polay, Dieu and Walker, Janet and Mahmoud, Ali B. (2021) African migrants and stress coping strategies in Australia: Implications for social work. International Social Work, 65 (6). pp. 1166-1183. ISSN 1461-7234

Jodha, Pinky (2021) Entrepreneurial Motivation of Female Entrepreneurs in UK Online Fashion Retailing: Personal and Social Situation of Women Entrepreneurs as Constraints on the Emergence of Entrepreneurship. Doctoral thesis, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Jonas, Michael (2021) Colonialism and Empire: Are Reparations Owed by the United Kingdom to the Descendants of Slavery? Masters thesis, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Jones, Peter W. (2021) Better than the alternative? Epicurus and the harm of death. Masters thesis, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Kaminski-Jones, Rhys (2021) ‘Floating in the Breath of the People: Ossianic Mist, Cultural Health, and the Creation of Celtic Atmosphere, 1760—1815’. Romanticism, 27 (2). pp. 135-148. ISSN 1750-0192

Kaminski-Jones, Rhys (2021) William Owen Pughe and Romantic Rewritings of the Poetry of Llywarch Hen. The review of English studies. ISSN 1471-6968

Kaminski-Jones, Rhys and Lafford, Erin (2021) Change of Air: Introduction. Romanticism, 27 (2). pp. 117-121. ISSN 1750-0192

Karkatzoulis, Athanasios (2021) Strategic Analysis for the Development of a Waterplane Network in Greece. Masters thesis, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Ladagu, Ngushida Digal (2021) Factors for Sustainable Operations in the FinTech Industry. A Survey of Nigerian Users, Providers and Regulators. Doctoral thesis, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Lake, Kelvin (2021) Design Methodology for the Utilisation of A Structural Orthotropic Composite Materials by Micro-Enterprises. Doctoral thesis, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Lockheart, Julia (2021) Leap into Action: Critical Performative Pedagogies in Art & Design Education, Lee Campbell (ED.) (2020). Journal of Writing in Creative Practice, 14 (1). pp. 107-108. ISSN 1753-5204

Lockheart, Julia and Holzinger, Brigitte and Adler, Katharina and Barrett, Deirdre and Nobus, Dany and Wessely, Zora and Blagrove, Mark (2021) 120th anniversary event for ‘Dora’ telling her burning house dream to Freud. International Journal of Dream Research, 14 (2). ISSN 1866-7953

Lyall, Denise (2021) Enhancing the efficacy of coaching: defining and exploring reflexive hindering using an applied neuroscience approach and a developed infographic. Doctoral thesis, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Mahmoud, Ali B. and Ball, Joan and Rubin, Daniel and Fuxman, Leonora and Mohr, Iris and Hack-Polay, Dieu and Grigoriou, Nicholas and Wakibi, Aziz (2021) Pandemic pains to Instagram gains! COVID-19 perceptions effects on behaviours towards fashion brands on Instagram in Sub-Saharan Africa: Tech-native vs non-native generations. Journal of Marketing Communications, 28 (8). pp. 864-888. ISSN 1466-4445

Mahmoud, Ali B. and Reisel, William D. and Fuxman, Leonora and Hack-Polay, Dieu (2021) Locus of control as a moderator of the effects of COVID‐19 perceptions on job insecurity, psychosocial, organisational, and job outcomes for MENA region hospitality employees. European Management Review. ISSN 1740-4762

Mahmoud, Ali B. and Reisel, William D. and Hack-Polay, Dieu and Fuxman, Leonora (2021) No one is safe! But who's more susceptible? Locus of control moderates pandemic perceptions' effects on job insecurity and psychosocial factors amongst MENA hospitality frontliners: a PLS-SEM approach. BMC public health, 21 (1). ISSN 1471-2458

Maille, Daniel (2021) The Knowledge Argument and Howard Robinson’s 2016 case for Dualism and Mental Substance. Masters thesis, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Menon, Flomny (2021) “An Empirical Research on the Impact of Holistic Business Approach on Customer Experience in the UAE Luxury Hospitality Industry”. Doctoral thesis, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Meredith, John and Whitehead, Nik and Dacey, Michael (2021) Utilising the FOXS Stack for FAIR Architected Data Access. Studies in health technology and informatics, 287. pp. 134-138. ISSN 1879-8365

Moreira-Almeida, Alexander and de Freitas, Marta Helena and Schmidt, Bettina E. (2021) Alister Hardy: a naturalist of the spiritual realm. Religions, 12 (713). ISSN 2077-1444

Morgan, Catherine (2021) An exploration of the perceptions of undergraduate trainee teachers regarding the factors that impacted upon their use of incidental Welsh in the primary classroom. Doctoral thesis, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Morgan-Guy, John (2021) History, society and the individual: essays. Special issue of The journal of religious history, literature and culture 2021 . University of Wales Press, Cardiff. ISBN 9781786838094

Morgan-Guy, John (2021) Thomas R.G. Lyell (1886-1956). The lure of far-away places. In: An Anglo-Catholic miscellany. Series of occasional papers (Anglo-Catholic History Society) (20). Anglo-Catholic History Society, London, pp. 96-143. ISBN 9781916327610

Morgan-Guy, John (2021) 'The reverence due to the house of God', the struggle to maintain the fabric and life of Llandaff Cathedral, from 1560 to 1760. Part 1: from Elizabeth I to Anne. Morgannwg, 65. pp. 5-28. ISSN 0545-0373

Mort, Christopher John (2021) Exploration of the lived experiences of young british muslims in wales through a postcolonial and epistemic injustice lens. Doctoral thesis, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Munna, Afzal (2021) Assessment and verification: A higher education perspective. Journal of education and learning (EduLearn). ISSN 2302-9277

Munna, Afzal (2021) Business Model: Literature Review. Pinisi Discretion Review, 4 (2). pp. 1-6. ISSN 2580-1317

Munna, Afzal (2021) COVID-19 and Sustainability in Higher Education. International Journal of Educational Administration, Management, and Leadership, 2 (1). pp. 1-4. ISSN 2774-6143

Munna, Afzal (2021) Instructional Leadership and Role of Module Leaders. International Journal of Educational Reform. ISSN 1056-7879

Munna, Afzal (2021) Strategic Management, Leadership and Staff Motivation: Literature Review. International Education and Culture Studies, 1 (1). pp. 21-29. ISSN 2766-6778

Munna, Afzal and Asongu, Simplice A. and Rahman, Mushfiqur and Okeke, Okeoma John-Paul (2021) Tourism management for financial access in Sub-Saharan Africa: inequality thresholds.

Munna, Afzal and Kalam, M. A. (2021) Application of Theories, Principles and Models of Curriculum Design: A Literature Review. International Journal of Multidisciplinary and Current Educational Research, 3 (1). ISSN 2581-7027

Munna, Afzal and Kalam, M. A. (2021) Impact of Active Learning Strategy on the Student Engagement. GNOSI: an interdisciplinary journal of human theory and praxis, 4 (2). ISSN 2714-2485

Munna, Afzal and Kalam, M. A. (2021) Teaching and learning process to enhance teaching effectiveness: a literature review. International Journal of Humanities and Innovation, 4 (1). ISSN 2614-6169

Munna, Afzal and Khanam, R. (2021) Analysis of the Value and Advantages of Financial Literacy and Digitalization to the Individual. International Journal of Asian Education, 2 (2). ISSN 2722-8592

Munna, Afzal and Mazumdar, Anupam (2021) Online Learning: A View from Higher Education. Cross-Currents: An International Peer-Reviewed Journal on Humanities & Social Sciences, 7 (2). pp. 45-49. ISSN 2394-451X

Munna, Afzal and Shaikh, Sadeque Imam (2021) Impact of Shared Ethnicity in Building Effective Relationship: A complete Literature Review on Higher Education Context. Academic Journal of International Education Research, 2 (1). pp. 1-6. ISSN 2694-7803


Nikiforov, Igor (2021) Business Process Optimisation for an International FMCG Supply Chain. Doctoral thesis, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Ojra, Jafar and Opute, Abdullah Promise and Alsolmi, Mohammad Mobarak (2021) Strategic management accounting and performance implications: a literature review and research agenda. Future Business Journal, 7 (1). p. 64. ISSN 2314-7210

Osagie, Joan (2021) What are the key determinants of an effective business process management in a logistics company and assess how best a strategic business management framework can be developed in order to enhance service excellence: Case study of Tranex Express Nigeria? Doctoral thesis, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Page, Sarah (2021) Food matters - escaping to the garden during Covid-19 lockdowns and (re-)connecting with food. Masters thesis, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Para, Heather (2021) Monastic development and dissolution in Wales : Continuity or change for Uchelwyr? A case study of Strata Florida's Blaenaeron Grange. Doctoral thesis, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Parkes, Ruth (2021) Finding the Tragic in the Epics of Statius. In: Elements of tragedy in Flavian epic. De Gruyter.

Parkes, Ruth (2021) Sicily, the classical tradition and interpretative possibilities in John Barclay's Argenis. International Journal of the Classical Tradition. ISSN 1874-6292

Parkes, Ruth (2021) The Uncertainties of Claudian's 'De Raptu Proserpinae'. American Journal of Philology, 142 (2). pp. 319-341. ISSN 1086-3168

Penaluna, Kathryn (2021) Through a design education lens: Are we reinventing the wheel for entrepreneurial education? Doctoral thesis, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Pitman, Jessica (2021) An exploration of how identity capital is constructed in the narrative life stories of fathers in areas of disadvantage. Doctoral thesis, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Quaicoo, John Barnett (2021) Change Management In The Banking industry: The Case Of Ecobank Ghana Limited. Doctoral thesis, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Rekers, Angela and Waters-Davies, Jane (2021) ‘All of the Wild’: Cultural Formation in Wales Through Outdoor Play at Forest School. In: Outdoor Learning and Play Pedagogical Practices and Children's Cultural Formation. Part of the International Perspectives on Early Childhood Education and Development book series (CHILD, volume 34) (34). Springer, pp. 145-160. ISBN 978-3-030-72597-6

Richardson, Danny (2021) An investigation to determine the complexity and feasibility of combustion & NOx modelling in modern GTDI engines. Masters thesis, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Riley, Howard (2021) A Contemporary Pedagogy of Drawing. Journal of Visual Art Practice, 20 (04). ISSN 1470-2029

Riley, Howard and Newell, Robert A. (2021) Egological meets Ecological: Drawing Aspects in Perspective(s). Drawing: Research, Theory, Practice, 6 (2). pp. 309-337. ISSN 2057-0384

Riley, Howard and Rankin, Qona (2021) Observational Drawing for Students with Dyslexia. Jessica Kingsley, London. ISBN 9781787751422

Sampson, Martyn (2021) Diagnosis, misdiagnosis, and becoming better: An investigation into epistemic injustice and mental health. Masters thesis, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Schmidt, Bettina E. (2021) Mediumship as Ordinary Experience: An anthropological discussion of ordinary vs non-ordinary – What is the difference? Journal for the Study of Religious Experience, 7 (3). pp. 137-154. ISSN 2057-2301

Scott, Alexander (2021) ‘A Permanent Civilising Effect’? The Impact of Reforming Working-Class Museum Visitors in Liverpool during the 19th Century Museums and the Working Class (Routledge). In: Museums and the Working Class. Routledge, Liverpool. ISBN 9780367465476 (Submitted)

Shaw, Jane (2021) The Alister Hardy Lampeter Lecture: Religious Experience and the early twentieth-century Revival of Mysticism. In: Alister Hardy Religious Experience Research Centre Conference 2021, 10th July 2021, Lampeter.

Shillaker, Jane C. (2021) An examination of Edward Lhwyd’s journey to Scotland in 1699 with particular reference to folk culture and language. Masters thesis, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Siew, Kok Chung (2021) A moderating effect of leadership and innovation on the relationship between product development, diversification and market development with the business growth performance of mature organisations: Critical instance case study of a flavour business of food industry in Malaysia. Doctoral thesis, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Singleton, Tracey and Muldoon, Faith and Healey-Benson, Felicity (2021) The first EntreCompEdu Pioneer School: Dafen Primary, Wales. [Video]

Smith, Ruth Kate (2021) “I think it's quite an insulting question, ‘what’s it like to be white?’... It's not a question that needs to be asked”: An exploration of how white trainee counsellors in South Wales understand ‘race’, racism, and whiteness. Doctoral thesis, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Southern, Alex (2021) What is Global Competence, and how can it be learned effectively? n/a. (Unpublished)

Sreekumaran Nair, Sree Lekshmi (2021) Analysis of the impacy of organisational culture on occupational stress : the role of job satisfaction in IT SMEs in India and the UK. Doctoral thesis, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Stevens, Hayley (2021) Using autoethnographic methodology to explore the healing potential of non-ordinary experiences as it relates to developmental and intergenerational trauma. Masters thesis, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Sullivan, Katie E. (2021) Examining Prejudice Types and Their Influence on Attitudes Toward Groups. Doctoral thesis, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Wagstaffe, Anne Elizabeth (2021) 'Cad Goddeu', 'the Battle of the Trees': texts and interpretations. Masters thesis, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Wainwright, Nalda (2021) The foundation phase in Wales, outdoor learning and motor development. Journal of Physical Education and Sport, 21 (1). pp. 567-573. ISSN 2247-806X

Wainwright, Nalda and Tortella, P. and Ceciliani,, A. and Fumagalli, G. and Jidovtseff,, B. and Fjortoft,, I. and Sigismundsson, H. and Haga, M. and Sgro, F. and Lipoma, M. and Saakslahti, A (2021) Children’s outdoor movement education: position statement. Journal of Physical Education and Sport, 21 (Sup 1). pp. 451-462. ISSN 2247-806X

Watkin, Richard Owen (2021) Arthur John Arberry(1905-1969): A Critical Evaluation of an Orientalist. Doctoral thesis, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Wilkinson, Troy (2021) The Indian Ocean trade and the Roman State. Masters thesis, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Williams, Heather (2021) Are the Bretons French? The case of Francois Jaffreno/Taldir ab Hernin. Nottingham French Studies, 60 (2). pp. 192-205. ISSN 2047-7236

Williams, Kate E. and Hutchings, Paul B. and Phelps, Ceri (2021) Beyond learning in higher education: an evaluation of the ‘Life Design’ initiative to improve student employability. Studies in Higher Education. ISSN 1470-174X

Yang, Heng (2021) Motivational drivers for mobile shopping adoption: an empirical study of the Chinese Generation Y consumers. Doctoral thesis, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Yap, Roy Kok Meng (2021) The Role of Corporate Governance to Foreign Direct Investments on Emerging Countries in Southeast Asia. Doctoral thesis, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Yin, Zhengjue (2021) A Study of Shangshu Excerpts in Qunshu Zhiyao [The Governing Principles of Ancient China] 《群書治要·尚書選》考述. Masters thesis, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Zabidi, Taqwa (2021) Evaluation of Islamic perspectives regarding a medical condition known as disorders of sex development (DSD). Doctoral thesis, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Zheng, Hu and He, Wang (2021) Relevant Concepts, Key Technologies and Typical Application Scenarios of AI + Education. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 1861 (1). 012059. ISSN 1742-6596

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